MODULAR CONNECTOR is used widely to livelihood of
the nation devices etc. contemporarily, with the telephone
connector that was turned the legislation by FCC and be
developed with an U.S. Western Electric Company.
Even the supplies in 4/4 6/2 6/4 6/6 type etc.,series are
possible, in addition to the merchandise that displayed
it the catalog.


The single line,Thin line that I have twined (core diameter, the 785 following) to correspondence
High insulation/resisting pressure characteristic, strong cable hold power


Certain shield effect by perfect Block structure
Easy harness processing by, wiring block method similar to Compu-Shield connector
Standard block (core diameter, 965 mumax.), the block for wiring (same, 787 mumax.) of 2 seeds from, cable size in accordance with the selection
Besides, the characteristic of modular Jacques and also modular plug with common


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