Company Guidance

  • Trade name: Sanko Co., Ltd.

  • The establishment date: August, 1965

  • Capital: thirty million yen

  • Representative: the representative director president Teruaki Odahara

  • Operation item

  • Design/production and also sales of a/the continuation terminal

  • Metallic mold design/production for high speed press

  • Design/production and also sales of a precise automatic crimping machine

  •  Commercialize history: the technical development 
    regarding the continuation terminal With, a full 
    automatic crimping machine (SCM-áV/M-10 CRIMPING 
    MACHINE) Of to development and also high speed 
    press metallic mold design placeable, advanced 
    technology with I got degree of popularity in the 
    terminal industry with an excellent idea.    
     Equipment that was modernized since inauguration
    is utilized and the research of the new product/It 
    is to development and the reduction of cost price 

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